• Impact of Digital Media On Education

    As technologies are vastly adopted and impacting various industries, the educational sector is no exception. The inception of technology has brought several changes in the current teaching methods used by educational institutions and educators. Educational institutions are using modern technologies to improve their academic diligence. Several universities have started using social media in teaching as well as the learning process to explore new values that can create new insights in students. 

    The implementation of social media is giving rise to the development of a modern educational system. Many students are using social media platforms to exchange their knowledge and thoughts with each other. Scholars are also using social media to provide offline tutorials and to gather valuable information. 

    The impact of social media platforms on education is grabbing the attention of many people. It is becoming a powerful tool to gain an edge over other educational institutions. As digital technology is widely growing, it is making a difference in the methods used to impart lessons. 

    The influence of social media in education is increasing every day. Students are finding it as a new hope to gain knowledge. It is bringing an overall change in the educational experience for students. The delivery of different educational programs has dramatically improved with the emergence of digital media technologies.

    Benefits of digital media for education

    Learners are extremely different in the digital era. They have different thoughts and actions. Modern learners are more informed and interconnected. One of the most significant benefits of digital media is that teams can easily work together for assignments and projects without geographical barriers using various social media networks. Students can connect through Facebook or Whatsapp groups. They may even use Twitter hashtags to distribute information and for exchanging various inputs related to their projects or assignments. This communication can be a bit complicated through mediums like emails. However, social media platforms provide the best interactive platform for these tasks. 

    Drawbacks of digital media on education

    Besides these positive effects, digital media also have some drawbacks for students and their education. Many students spend a lot of time on different social media networks. They easily get distracted from their goal and become addicted to social media. They are deprived of the advantages of reading books and also limit their creativity. 

    Students become incapable of creating valuable content independently. Social media‚Äôs excessive use is decreasing their communication skills. Many students cannot frame a sentence without grammatical mistakes during their communication. Thus, the person on the other side finds it difficult to grasp the real context of their conversation. 

    As social media is widely approved in education, it has created many challenges in the learning process. However, apart from all these negative sides, it is obvious that social media is providing some benefits to students that are improving their educational outcomes. If students are wise enough, they can use social media to improve their education without disturbing them in any way. It is the user who decides whether social media must be beneficial or problematic to them.