Top 7 Impacts of Digital Media

Information as well as communication technology are rapidly changing over the past 15-20 years. The arrival of social media has accelerated the pace of this change. Mobile technology has played a huge role in shaping social media and its impact on society. A huge number of people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, scrolling through social media. 

Digital media can influence society positively and negatively. It can have an impact on spirituality, culture, region, education, politics, economy, and society. It also influences the traditional and natural media known for the sympathy and empathy it displays. Here are the top 7 impacts of digital media.

  • Impact on politics

A lot of people rely on social media to find the latest political updates. However, these people mostly get unclear and biased information and won’t be well-informed about the incidents, unlike traditional media. There has been a tremendous increase in social media influence in political campaigns. They play a huge role in electoral politics also. Social media helps people to communicate more freely, allowing them to build social organizations that are surprisingly influential. 

  • Impact on society

Many people in different countries are Facebook users. It is found that about 80% of the total internet users use Facebook. When there is social interaction on these social media platforms, their growth becomes more powerful. Even if a person gets a marginal view, he/she will not have a lonely feeling. These people can find each other on social media to do things together. 

  • Impact on commerce

Companies have already recognized the importance of social media in reaching their customers. Businesses are using social media to create demand, develop insights, and create customized product offerings. They are very important for e-commerce businesses. Using digital media in workplaces can improve knowledge sharing. Thus, project management activities will be improved. They also eliminate boundaries and silos, creating more knowledgeable and skilled workers. 

  • Impact of workforce

Digital media has a profound influence on hiring and recruitment. There are professional digital networks like LinkedIn that provide a great platform for people looking to be distinctive in the career they choose. These platforms allow users to market themselves as a personal brand. A lot of hiring managers consider social media before recruiting candidates. 

  • Impact on training and development

It is a fact that people who have more advanced social media skills are likely to be employed more. A lot of parents also consider social media to be an effective tool for their children. Several educational institutions are using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc for online learning. 

  • Impact on culture

Social media has been promoting a global culture. People around the world have become familiar with various cultures, and are trying to adopt different cultures into their lifestyles. Thus, a lot of influence of foreign culture is visible in our culture too. A lot of people are visiting different countries, and they bring in cultures from those countries and spread it through social media.